Terms and conditions

1. By registering and using Tikket platform, you accept all the terms and conditions of service.

2. Tikket and GestLabs, C.A., are not responsible of the use that each person decide to give to the services of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Mercado Libre, email or chat.

3. Tikket is not responsible of the content that each user decide to upload or send ussing our services.

4. Tikket operates complying in the best way to the terms and conditions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and MercadoLibre. But nevertheless of the nature of the services that those companies offer and it’s politics, Tikket can’t be responsible if the services of this third parties make Tikket services fail.

5. Tikket´s online email and chat protocols are secure and operate using industry standards for such services. Any inconvenience or malfunction of any of these functionalities must be evaluated on the side of the servers and web protocols of the client or user.

6. Tikket guarantees the security and privacy of passwords, contents and any other informations that users upload or fill in Tikket’s platform. We encourage the use of secure passwords composed of alphanumeric characters and capital and lowers letters.

7. Tikket guarantees the privacy of all the data that is handled in our platform, all information is considered confidential.

8. Paying for the service is only possible monthly and quarterly based.

9. We want to make Tikket payments convenient. We allow you to fund your transactions using a number of different sources, credit cards, bank transfers and other payment methods.

10. Once a service order is paid, no refunds are made for any reason.

11. All users of Tikket that in any or other way pretends to make a fraudulent use of it will be warned. If the user dismiss the warning the user account will be suspended without any conssesions.

12. Tikket guarantees prompt and timely response to failures that the system may present.

13. By accepting this terms and conditions the user understand that SocialGest services can present errors.

14. This term and conditions can change without notice.

15. Prices for the service can vary without notice.

16. Tikket reserves the right to provide the service of its platform as it considers it.