How Tikket works?

Tikket centralize your conversations on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email and chat, in one do it all inbox. It lets you keep track of every conversation, it even give you access to all past conversations. It also give you valuable metrics of your online conversation.

Just talk!

Centralize your conversations to optimize your response times, giving better customer care and selling more. Talk through various channels at the same time. Keep track of the motives your community want to talk with you and why do you close every conversation. Do it public or on private, switching you conversation to DM when you want to. And always have the record of past conversations with filter for easy finding, add automatic responses for giving an answer outside you customer care hours.

Analize your conversation

Transform your conversation on social media in KPIs to measure quality and quantity of your customer care. Each one of your conversation managed through Tikket transforms itself in metrics and reports. You can measure your work based of the time of response or channels, contact motives and more. All can be configured to your operation and get downloadable reports with just one click.

Online channels

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Mercadolibre, Email y Chat. Todos ellos funcionando en tiempo real y de forma centralizada. Apenas ocurre una mención a tu cuenta de Twitter, o un comentario en tu Instagram, este se transforma en un Tikket. Afilia direcciones de correo electrónico e instala un chat en tu página web, tu comunidad se pondrá en contacto contigo por el medio digital de su preferencia, y en todos estarás tú con la misma eficiencia.

The feeling of every conversation

Tikket lets you classify your conversations by sentiment. Negative, neutral or positive? define how your customers feel when they write and obtain a qualitative appreciation of your brand

Conversation number

Tikket assings a conversation number to every interaction you receive in your digital channels. That way your organization keeps every conversation classified and organized to improve customer loyalty through first class customer attention.


Is time to transform the online communication with your community and you can’t do it alone. Organizations evolve and understand the benefits of listening to their customers, dedicating resources and personnel. In Tikket your team can have as many members as your strategy demand it, each one them with an specific role and permissions.

Take the lead with our chat

Easy installation in any website, our chat is the perfect complement for your online channels. Automatic triggers to start the conversation with the visit to your web, based in specific URLs. That way you push the conversation letting your web visitors know you are there to take care of they needs.

Preformatted answers

Give your customer service agents a little help with the use of predefined rapid answers. Optimize the response time with shortcuts to solutions, tutorial and other resources that help your community.

Past conversations

Each past conversation with a member is record as part on of the conversation number archive, and every time that person comes back we´ll be ready knowing what we talk to them in the past giving a better answer.

Configurable attention schedule

We are humans and and we can’t always be online, that´s why with Tikket you can configure the times in which the system will be on in real time. In the offline hours you can set up automatic answers so the ones that contact you outside your operation hours still gets answers.

White label
(Available soon!)

Make Tikket look and feel like home, personalize

Guranteed uptime

The conversation and customer cares are vitals for you, that´s why Tikket can guarantee the uptime of your attention systems with dedicated support.


7 days a week support via chat, email and social media. We love giving customer service, that´s one of the reasons we created Tikket.

Haz que tu empresa asuma el reto de la conversación online, transforma tus indicadores de atención y aumenta la satisfacción de tu comunidad.

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